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The notice board is used to post current administrative messages, recent publications on tax and other professional issues, recent entries in the magazine, other postings, and recommended links.

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Recent publications on tax and other issues
Recent entries in the magazine
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2014-07-31 TaxPlanet in a Nutshell
2023-03-25 Membership
Recent entries in the magazine
2018-10-07    Economics Everywhere, Politics Nowhere
2017-11-15    The Fourth Turning
2017-10-13    Finland | Transfer Pricing
2017-09-21    The dark Agenda behind Globalism and open Borders
2017-07-22    When we can no longer tell the truth …
2017-05-28    Finland | Fund structures face concerns on interest deductibility
2017-03-08    Wikileaks unveils 'Vault 7'
2017-01-31    Second Financial Bubble going to burst
2017-01-21    25 Years of Neocon-Neoliberalism
2017-01-18    Trump could go down as worst President
2016-10-01    Polling is easily gamed
2016-08-10    Trump Adviser urges Return to Gold Standard
2016-08-10    The 10 great Deals to save America
2016-07-15    Jill Stein promised to pardon Snowden, if elected
2016-07-01    The Collapse of Western Democracy
2016-06-27    Understanding Brexit
2016-05-08    Japan's 'Coma Economy' is a Preview for the World
2016-04-18    The Fed's Plan was always pushing Stocks higher
2016-04-03    Leadership is leading by example!
2016-03-12    Nassim Taleb sums up America's Election
2016-02-21    The War on Cash - Why now?
2016-02-20    Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire
2016-02-11    Why Ron Paul has Hope
2016-01-23    If you don’t conform to the crowd
2015-10-26    The Fed can’t raise Rates, but must pretend it will
2015-08-17    How Humans cause Mass Extinctions
2015-07-18    Crude Oil will probably retest the Lows
2015-05-25    David Stockman | Central Banks are out of Control
2015-03-31    Repeal, Don’t Reform the IMF!
2015-02-07    US-based Investment Funds may recover Finnish Withholding Taxes
Recent publications on tax and other professional issues
2021-10-27    Die sogenannte 3-%-Steuer auf französische Immobilien
2021-10-27    The tax on the market value of property owned in France, called '3%-tax'
2021-10-27    Real Estate Acquisition in France, Tax Guide
2021-10-27    Immobilienerwerb in Frankreich, steuerliche Rahmenbedingungen
2021-10-27    Anwendung der Sozialversicherungsbeiträge gegenüber ansässige Steuerpflichtige in Frankreich
2021-10-27    Application of social security contributions to non-residents in France
2017-12-05    Finland, Corporate Tax Guide 2018
2017-05-28    Fund structures face concerns on interest deductibility
2016-05-29    Finland - Management of unregulated investment funds does not qualify for VAT exemption
2015-02-28    Report on International Financial and Tax Matters 2015
2015-02-07    US-based Investment Funds may recover Finnish Withholding Taxes
2014-12-18    SWAN Partners, Spain, Press Release
2014-12-18    Change to the Spanish Inheritance Tax Regime
2014-11-05    90% Regulation for non-resident Taxpayers working in the Netherlands (PDF)
2014-09-25    General understanding of Cyprus tax issues (PDF)
2014-09-25    Cyprus tax system, an overview (PDF)
2014-09-25    Cyprus yacht leasing scheme (PDF)
2014-09-24    Doing Business in Peru (PDF)
2014-09-23    Peru - Definition of 'Technical Assistance' for tax purposes
2014-07-10    Finland - Cross-border hybrid Loans
2014-05-09    Finland - Holding based Management Incentive Schemes suffer a Blow
2014-02-17    Report on International Financial and Tax Matters 2014
2013-10-31    Corporate Taxation in Switzerland - Case Studies
2013-03-12    Recent tax developments in Switzerland
2013-03-05    ECJ Ruling on Cross-Border Loss Relief in Mergers
2013-03-01    Tax News Germany
2012-12-16    Tax Relief in Switzerland
2012-09-20    Finland - Amendments to the proposed Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-09-20    Finland - Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-07-27    Finland - Exchange of Shares between Finnish and EEA Companies benefits from tax-neutral Treatment
Other postings
2014-03-04 TaxPlanet wins International Tax Award
Delia Venables - Legal Resources in UK and Ireland - Pole Fitness & Gymnastics

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