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Growing Bigger is not the same as getting Fat

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Nor is losing weight the same as becoming anorexic. Hard times await those who have not been able to resist market pressures to increase costs and thereby cover up inefficiencies in their HR resources.

Efficiencies in any business can be achieved through an adequate mix of socially responsible policies and a tight control of expenditure. For those who fell in the trap of continual growth, and cannot resist the temptation to continue, here are some suggestions.

(1) Keep smiling, even if all seems lost. If depression sets in, your team will begin to feel disheartened, their productivity will suffer and the better members of the pack will start to look for alternatives. You will be left with a less efficient team, and failure will loom ever closer.

(2) Recover the desire to achieve results. If you have done your homework well and the redundancies have been well orchestrated, this is the moment to recover your business focus, centre your teams on achieving collectable sales.

(3) Be prudent in your business decisions; make your team feel that they are important for you. Give them room to make decisions on their own. This will allow them to develop a sense of involvement and will feel successful when things come out well, and the necessity to resolve issues when they don't.

(4) Be prepared to and take decisions but remember that your authority is always moral, linked to the person who drives success. It is not that of the manager who always knows best. The worst that can happen is that you have reduced your team, that those that have stayed are afraid and that you continually make mistake, in circumstance where it is easy to do so. Give you team the moral freedom to work on their own.

To summarise: What we are saying is very simple; keep calm, keep smiling, orientate your team towards achieving results, roll up your sleeves and don't be afraid to get dirty and get your team to come in around you. If you achieve this you will achieve moral leadership and finally success.

Remember: Perhaps you thought you were growing and that in doing so you were getting fatter, and this was bad. But the alternative never involved becoming anorexic.

Asec Group, Madrid and Marbella, Spain

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