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Social Meltdown or new economic Boom

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The financial markets are overdue for a severe correction, and the US Dollar could appreciate sharply when it happens.

Will the Fed be able to survive Ron Paul?

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The erstwhile presidential candidate and soon to be head of Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve talks gold, jobs and the presidency with Fortune.

Preparing for QE33

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Swiss money manager Felix Zulauf shared his market views at the Art of Successful Investing conference, and they were largely grim. But he also had some investment suggestions.

QE2 is another Bank Bailout

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"I've shown in rather elaborate detail in recent weeks that quantitative easing does not help the real economy generate a sustained recovery."

Obama Stimulus made Economic Crisis worse

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U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration weakened the country's economy by seeking to foster growth instead of paying down the federal debt, said Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of "The Black Swan."

Printing more Money leading to Disaster

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"It is a fallacy to believe that easy money and the purchase of treasuries will boost economic activity in the US," Marc Faber told Bloomberg in a phone interview from Thailand.

Marc Faber explains the 2008 Oil Bubble

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'In a credit addicted economy, all you need is a slowdown in the growth rate and you get big problems.'

It would be a Mistake to think that the Bailout is actually a Bailout of Greece

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'The ECB has talked more hawkish than the Federal Reserve but basically they are all money printers. Some are better at it, and faster and have more efficient machines the others are slower but basically central banks, they run a print and print.'

Is the Fed supporting the stock market rally?

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The unusual circumstances that led the U.S. market to rally powerfully in 2009 might be explained by secret government moves to buy stocks, according to Charles Biderman, the founder and chief executive of TrimTabs, a research firm that tracks liquidity flows in the market.

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