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Eurozone | It's another Cosmetic Fix

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If you put one or 100 sick banks in a union, it does not change the fact that they are sick. In my view the markets are rallying because they were grossly oversold.

How the Fed favors the 1%

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The Fed doesn't expand the money supply by dropping cash from helicopters. It does so through capital transfers to the largest banks.

How to Survive the Coming Financial Meltdown?

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The current global financial crisis can be said to be caused by the macroeconomic expansionary monetary policies of global governments and also at the same time the lack of regulatory framework from the authorities.

Central Bank Intervention Raises Questions

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Did a big European bank come close to failing last night? European banks, especially French banks, rely heavily on funding in the wholesale money markets.

The Swiss National Bank returns to Profit

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The Swiss National Bank (SNB) set a floor for the Euro - Swiss franc exchange rate early September, being up for buying foreign currencies in unlimited quantities, if needed, to weaken the Swiss franc.

This is a huge Mistake for Switzerland

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"The move will work for a while, but the market will have more money in the end than the SNB.

Why Deflation heals the Economy

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"Despite the almost-unanimous agreement that deflation is bad news for the economy's health, that idea is false.

Let Greece go Bankrupt

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'Allowing Greece to go bankrupt may cause a lot of pain, but it will be better for the euro in the long run, investor Jim Rogers said in an interview with CNBC on Friday.

Is QE3 ahead?

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"Austrian School economists have often explained the business cycle using the metaphor of liquor or drugs. The expansion of paper money and credit gives a sense of exuberance, an economic high that leads to excessive risk-taking and ballooning production.

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