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Inflation Numbers should be much higher

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Real inflation is much higher than the numbers published by the government.

The rich are different - They don't retire

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The ultimate American dream used to be to get rich young and retire by 40. Now the goal for the rich is to retire past 70, if they retire at all.

Money Printing leads to a widening Wealth Gap

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I own equities, and I should thank Mr. Bernanke. The Fed has been flooding the system with money.

Creative Destruction

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One of the great beauties of capitalism is creative destruction, which allows the green shoots of new energy, new capital and new ideas to develop.

Zombies and the Japanization of the American Economy

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My suspicion is that we will take the route that Japan has been following since 1990.

There's a Problem with Kicking the Can down the Road

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Bernanke was actually talking about the fiscal cliff, and not monetary policy, but kicking the can down the road is exactly what he is doing in his domain.

Jeremy Grantham's US Economic Growth Forecast

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Famed investor Jeremy Grantham just released his new quarterly letter to GMO clients, and it's depressing.

Eurozone on Track to becoming shortest Currency Union in History

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The eurozone is on track to be the shortest currency union in history said Felix Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management AG, with the possibility of federal union the only alternative to breakup.

Head of Zimbabwe Central Bank explains QE3

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Gideon Gono, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe who destroyed the Zim dollar by creating hyperinflation, weighs in on the parallels between QE3 and the policy he followed last decade.

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