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Hedge Funds most levered and long since 2004

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Leverage among managers who speculate on rising and falling shares climbed to the highest level to start any year since at least 2004, according to data compiled by Morgan Stanley.

Speculators rush into Risk by most since 2007

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In the last two weeks we have pointed out that not only are equity futures traders the most net long in six years but NYSE Margin Debt is also near four year highs.

Blind Faith in Central Banks won't work

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The market is placing all of its faith in the ability of the world's central banks to prop up stocks in the face of declining global growth, Europe's sovereign debt crisis, a slew of downward earnings revisions and the uncertain resolution of the 'fiscal cliff' problem.

Stocks will collapse, Gold will surge

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Felix Zulauf, a Swiss hedge fund manager, is out with another bearish forecast for stocks, bonds and currencies. Zulauf says the 30-year bull cycle in Treasury bonds has ended, and that gold prices will soon surge again.

Bubbles always go longer than most People expect

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I'm absolutely convinced we'll see higher interest rates. Of course, I was convinced of that last year but rates went down. Bubbles always go longer than most people expect and higher than people expect.

Why our Brain makes wrong Investment Decisions

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We know what our fruits and vegetables should cost at the grocer's, but we're far less certain about how much to pay for a blue-chip stock or shares in an S&P 500 Index fund.

The Deer is back as Markets go 'Reality-On'

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This wasn't the worst plunge in the stock market so far this year ... It was the second-worst by a whisper. And just like that we are one third of the way down to Goldman's target. But everything is priced in?

Industrial Commodity Prices have performed miserably

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Why industrial commodities are weak has nothing to do with Greece. Greece is an unimportant player in the commodities market.

Double or Nothing - How Wall Street is Destroying Itself

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As Nassim Taleb described in The Black Swan these kinds of trades, betting large amounts for small frequent profits is extremely fragile because losses will eventually happen and of course, if you are betting big, losses can also be big.

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