Are we addicted to Failure?


Like all addicts, Central Planners are confident they can manage the monkey on their back, but this is a self-serving illusion, it's the monkey who controls the addict.

If we are not addicted to failure, why do we tolerate a central bank that creates one rush-high-overdose-crash after another? Perhaps it's time to confess that we're addicted to failure because we are too afraid to face life without this financial addiction.

Like all observers, those of us without monetary heroin in our veins wonder when the poor addict will finally wake up and choose a path that isn't self-destructive. But as many of us know from personal experience, it often takes a near-death experience to awaken the instinct for survival in the addict. Sadly, sometimes not even that is enough, and a once-great nation spirals down to ruin.

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